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Move Management, including the appointment of Project Move Managers, Filing Audits, and Space Planning, services are available to clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland.

Move management services can be an essential part of any office removal project, whether you are moving office across Scotland or moving internally within your building.  Skyline in Scotland are here to assist with our move managers, who have years of managing and implementing large office removal projects such as multiple office moves from various buildings over several weekends or even phased office relocations over several months.

Our move management services have been supplied to our clients in Glasgow, Ayrshire, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and across Scotland for many years. The move management services offered range from project move management, filing audits, office furniture recycling services, space planning, library relocation services, relocation of schools and crate hire available throughout Scotland.

A project move manager would be appointed to control every aspect of the office removal, including the office movers, crate hire, and relocation of computers, ensuring your office relocation project comes in on budget and on time whereever you are based in Scotland.

Our move management services can be a stand alone service or incorporated into your office relocation package.

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Move Management Services

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