Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Are you looking for the best plants for the office without windows?

We are here to help you, because we know that greenery in your workplaces can improve your mood and spirit, and also increase your productivity.

We have compiled a list of ideal plants for you. They could add life and color to your workplace.

In this section you will find the best plants for the workplace that will help you decorate your workplace and clean the air.

This houseplant has various names such as Sansevieria, bowstring hemp, serpent’s tongue as well as devil’s tongue. It is now one of the best office buildings.

It has tall green leaves with dark lines, including snakeskin.

Among its plus points is that it doesn’t need much sunlight or water to thrive. Instead, it needs watering every 2-3 weeks, perfect for an office environment with busy (office worker) bees.

However, remember to make sure the soil is completely dry before watering to prevent root rot. It is quite susceptible to root rot from overwatering.

ZZ Plant (Great For Lifting Your Mood)

This office plant or zamioculcasi contains small leaves with many leaflets along with a waxy texture. It can improve your mood when you visit your office daily.

It can thrive in drought-like and non-invasive conditions. This means that you do not need to water it regularly. Every 2-3 months is the perfect time to water this particular tree.

Remember to keep it away from bright natural light. Its leaves can flake and turn yellow if they get too much sun.

Modern Bamboo (Bring A Good Feng Shui Fortune For You)

Bamboo is known as a symbol of good luck and could be an ideal decoration for the office. The best part is that it doesn’t require much of your own end to make it grow.

All you need to do is stick it in a container with indirect sun or medium water and light it once the ground feels dry.

Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Aloe Vera (Our Favorite Healthy Drink Ingredient)

If you’re sitting in an office with no windows, aloe vera may be your best bet. Remember to put this double plant in a place with indirect light and water it every 2-3 weeks.

Once the leaves grow, it is possible to cut them and squeeze out their gel to treat wounds, burns and bruises.

Peace Lily (Sweet White Flowers For A Feminine Touch)

Apart from the good office plants with green leaves, you may want some flowers in your area. In this case, the peace lily is just what you need.

It is a plant called spathiphyllum. Its white petals can attract your attention and clean the atmosphere at the same time.

Please keep in force to protect the flowers from direct bright natural light.

That is, it is best to place this houseplant in a well-lit place. Water it every week and spray its leaves occasionally, especially in summer.

Some can reach a height of 61 cm, while others can reach 102 cm. Peace lilies, in particular, can act as normal air purifiers, so they are not only easy on the eyes, but also on your health!

See how to plant and care for peace lilies here!

Dumb Cane (Amusing Plant Name You’ve Ever Heard).

Dumb cane could be another ideal plant for the office without windows.Besides its intriguing name, it is also known as dieffenbachia.

This plant contains oversized and appealing leaves. And depending on the type of your idiot walking stick, it may have different lighting requirements. Some require little natural light, while others need stronger sunlight.

You undoubtedly don’t want a variety that thrives on bright direct sunlight, so please make sure you grab the best dumb cane for your low-light work atmosphere.

We would also like to inform you that this plant is more harmful if ingested. Having said that, you need to keep it away from pets (if any).

Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Spider Plant (Make The Air Fresher)

This spider plant can make your office look fresher and more natural. You can put it in the corner of your desk or hanging pots. Accordingly, its spiders or long thin leaves can dangle undisturbed.

This sprawling tree can grow well in an indirect light environment. However, remember to water it regularly to maintain soil moisture all the time.

Philodendron Green (Unique Heart Leaves That Make Everyone Despair).

This plant features heart-shaped leaves that contain love and cuteness for your own cabin.

Preferring medium sunlight, it can grow in your office without windows, provided you remember to water once a week.

Its leaves look quite attractive and can handle many different light conditions without wilting.

Interestingly, it is one of those plants that thrives in artificial light up to 3.0 m and has enough office space to do so.

And if you notice that its leaves with large distances between them and their stems appear quite slender, it’s time to change the location. In such cases, it needs additional light.

Peperomia Obtusifolia (A Tidy, Table-Friendly Plant).

This plant also has another delightful name Baby Rubber Plant. Its small size makes it an ideal choice for you to place on your desk.

This green leafy tree can offer white flowers and add a sweet touch of color to your office. All you need to do is to wash it 1-2 times a week.

Although it prefers bright light, it can still make for dark environments. Another note is that if it gets more sun, please water it more.

Monstera (ideal pot plant to satisfy a large space)

In the event that you need to fill a floor space, consider this potted plant. It is sometimes referred to as a Swiss cheese plant.

These no-light houseplants can thrive in almost any area, even offices without windows or bright lighting.

Remember to water it when the top half of the soil is completely dry. Then it is possible to give it plant food annually to make it grow more beautifully.

Maidenhair fern (interesting fan-shaped leaves).
One of those great houseplants we want to mention is the Maidenhair Fern or Adiantum. It comes with an appearance unlike other trees we have covered above. It’s miniature and sprouting green leaves that come from a flower.

As good as it looks, you should take many precautions when developing it. For example, it is best not to use hard water. Distilled water, on the contrary, is a much better choice.

In any case, you need to keep the dirt properly moist, otherwise it may rot. Also, don’t forget to moisturize it whenever possible.

Finally, please keep it away from bright light and store it in a room where moderate light is widely available.