office design

How millennials are changing office design

Millennials and Office Design Millennials have been a hot topic for a while now. And, as with any generation, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about them. One such topic is how millennials work and what they want in an office environment. There’s no doubt that office design has changed in recent years to…

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office furniture increases motivation

Why good office furniture increases motivation

Office furniture primarily has a practical function: For eight hours and more of a working day, you sit at your desk and on your desk chair. More than a third of the day! Not only healthy sitting, but also concentrated work often fails because of the wrong office furniture. We explain how to increase productivity,…

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Office furniture

Office furniture in the secretary’s office: You should definitely pay attention to this

Office furniture in the office – How secretaries find adequate solutions for extensive requirements.Desk, mobile container, filing cabinet Office chairs and tables, filing cabinets and modern technology – a perfectly equipped office includes many things. Efficient work through well-designed office furniture is a given. Read in this article what is important, how office furniture can…

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