back office

How do you design a back office

What is a back office? This is a question that often puzzles people, especially those who are not familiar with the inner workings of a business. In short, the back office is the administrative and support side of a company. It includes all the behind-the-scenes functions that are necessary for a business to run smoothly,…

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office design

How millennials are changing office design

Millennials and Office Design Millennials have been a hot topic for a while now. And, as with any generation, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about them. One such topic is how millennials work and what they want in an office environment. There‚Äôs no doubt that office design has changed in recent years to…

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office furniture increases motivation

Why good office furniture increases motivation

Office furniture primarily has a practical function: For eight hours and more of a working day, you sit at your desk and on your desk chair. More than a third of the day! Not only healthy sitting, but also concentrated work often fails because of the wrong office furniture. We explain how to increase productivity,…

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best office plants

10 best office plants

Our 10 best office plants for more well-beingWith plants, you bring nature and soothing greenery into the office. This has a positive effect on the well-being of employees in the company and also has a decorative effect. However, even the best office plants require a certain amount of care and attention. Therefore, a tip from…

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future office

How have offices evolved over time?

After all, the market for office furniture has always been faced with the task of serving and developing the current trends in work design. If someone wanted to furnish an office 50 years ago, what was important?Before we start our journey through time, it can be said quite clearly that design was not as important…

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Workplace inventory

Clearing out or office renovation of office and business premises

As every time, the turn of the year comes quite unexpectedly. At the end of the year, it’s now time to reflect and clean up again. clean out, renovate or modernize the office? In this article, I’ll give you some starting points and questions to take stock of what you have. Use it to take…

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Modernizing an office

Modernization and renovation in the office – How to succeed in the challenge!

ModernizationModernizing an office is fraught with financial hurdles. No matter whether heating, windows or flooring. We reveal tips for financing. Ideally, modernization measures can be realized with equity capital. For many entrepreneurs, however, this is not or only partially possible. Without outside capital it often does not work. Before credit requests are made, it is…

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flex office

Converting office space into a flex office: What needs to be considered in the flex office concept?

Are you planning a new office space concept? Are you open to innovative, flexible working? Or are you already in the middle of restructuring your office space? In any case, now is the right time, as many employees are still working in home offices due to the Corona pandemic. Digitalization is experiencing a boost, not…

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What plants bring you happiness in the house

Give the gift of happiness for the new year!Especially at the turn of the year, everything revolves around saying goodbye to the old year and welcome the new. In the hope of good luck, prosperity and health, lucky charms are often given as gifts. In addition to the well-known lucky penny, horseshoe, lucky pig, ladybug…

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Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Best Plants For The Office Without Windows

Are you looking for the best plants for the office without windows? We are here to help you, because we know that greenery in your workplaces can improve your mood and spirit, and also increase your productivity. We have compiled a list of ideal plants for you. They could add life and color to your…

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