There’s nothing quite like picking out a freshly cut Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday season. But with that tree can come a lot of nasty little bugs just waiting to enjoy the comfort of your cozy home. You’ll want to do everything you can to make sure you get a tree that’s as bug-free…

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home office

The office within the four walls at home

The world of work has changed dramatically since the start of the Corona pandemic. Many companies have had to rethink and send their employees to the home office. Employees, meanwhile, have been forced to adapt to the new situation as well. And not everyone has an extra room available to work comfortably from home. So…

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Office furniture

Office furniture in the secretary’s office: You should definitely pay attention to this

Office furniture in the office – How secretaries find adequate solutions for extensive requirements.Desk, mobile container, filing cabinet Office chairs and tables, filing cabinets and modern technology – a perfectly equipped office includes many things. Efficient work through well-designed office furniture is a given. Read in this article what is important, how office furniture can…

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Office work after Corona

Office work after Corona lock-down: new rules and measures

Corona office measuresThe Corona pandemic has paralyzed the economy in many parts of the country. Many offices also saw limited or no work. Thanks to recent relaxations, however, the first are returning. If all goes well, there will be steadily more. However, this does not mean that offices will quickly return to the pre-pandemic routine.…

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Office space planning

Office space planning. Modern office according to ergonomic aspects

Office space planning-modern offices-promoting-health aspects! With regard to the furnishing of a modern office, ergonomic aspects should always be taken into account, especially since an ergonomic workplace can quite decisively promote the physical health of the employee. On average, a German office worker spends 8 hours in front of a computer screen. Triggered by the…

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office planing

Office planning guide – tips from the experts

Do you want a modern, efficient and well thought-out working environment in your office? Are you planning a new furnishing or a new building? Our guidebook offers you an overview of the most important aspects of modern office planning, shows examples of furnishing concepts as well as inspiration for office furnishing. To ensure that you…

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Christmas tree care

Christmas tree care: Which one lasts the longest?

Xmas treeWith the right selection of the fir tree Christmas trees last longer.Many people want a Christmas tree that lasts a long time and loses few needles. If it also fills the living room with its wonderful fir scent, Christmas will be all the more beautiful. However, to ensure that the Christmas tree does not…

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