Workplace inventory

Clearing out or office renovation of office and business premises

As every time, the turn of the year comes quite unexpectedly. At the end of the year, it’s now time to reflect and clean up again. clean out, renovate or modernize the office? In this article, I’ll give you some starting points and questions to take stock of what you have. Use it to take a tour of your office space.

Conscious and humane office design makes workplaces fit

Just cleaning up or office renovation/modernization?
Of course, a lot of work material has accumulated over the year. This needs to be stored. But where? The cupboards are already overflowing a bit. So you clear them out completely and extensively dispose of superfluous folders. This is normal, other companies also struggle with too much paper.

Is it enough to tidy up or is the time right for an office renovation or modernization? To do so, answer the following questions:

  • How do you currently like your workplace?
  • How do you like the office space in general?
  • What would you like to change?
  • How do your customers experience your office space when they visit you?
  • How well does it look in the areas where customers spend time? Is everything in order?
  • Is the first impression right?
  • Or have you been looking for a new team member for a while? Do you easily attract applicants as new members for your team?
renovation of office

Office space with ambience

Anthracite carpeting, light gray desks, dark office chairs, and white walls and ceilings. How do you like the color concept? Reduced in color, ostensibly to avoid distraction and to focus concentration on the work to be done.

Companies in Silicon Valley have recognized this for some time and provide vibrant workspaces for their employees. Think about how you feel about your office:

  • How do you feel about the ambiance?
  • How would you describe the mood of the space? Perhaps with the terms: cool, calm, reserved or friendly and congenial?

What makes your company tick? Is your company very vibrant and presents itself outside with bold, colorful marketing? Does your company do great work for customers and offer great products or services? Maybe this one is even the market leader in your field?

Are you a vibrant company that naturally maintains a beautiful and appealing website? The marketing conveys atmospheric colors and images with vivid CI colors? Only in the offices you don’t find any of this? However, the office itself may radiate!

Offices with a friendly ambience bring employees and bosses more quality of life.

Design long corridors in an appealing way

Do you know this as well? You’ve been discussing for a while whether you should hang those beautiful pictures that the company shows on its website in the hallway after all. Or will they be replaced on the website soon? As a decoration in the long hallway, photos and images shown in Internet marketing are too short-lived.

Maybe you should hang other pictures in your hallways after all? And that’s where the never-ending discussion among employees begins again. What style of picture does the team want to hang in the hallway? What does everyone like? And all of a sudden the discussion gets lost. What happens after that? Nothing! I hear this story so often from frustrated employees.

There is a better alternative, one that raises the ambience and does the team a lot of good. Think about wall colors that match the company’s CI. Have these colors alternate on the wall. An elegant color scheme for the hallway brings ambiance to the office floor.

Representative conference and meeting rooms
What’s coming up at the turn of the year? Strategy planning, sales meeting planning and employee meetings? Take a deliberate look at your conference or meeting room during your confidential year-end meetings. Do you like it? Or would you rather book one in the office center with functioning conference technology and delicious catering?

In the meeting room you sell services to your customers. You receive business partners here and determine strategies for the future. An inviting ambience in this room supports the purpose of the company. An elegantly restrained shade of paint on the wall will improve the ambiance abruptly. With a painter, the makeover is really quick to implement without disrupting daily office operations.

Workplace inventory

The first thing I do is check whether it’s too dreary, too dark or too noisy: How humanely are the offices and workplaces designed? Brightly colored furniture is a quick fix. Where can attractive, harmoniously restrained colors be used to make the dreariness disappear from the office?

Especially when the days are short, the best light is needed at the workplaces. A well-planned humane lighting concept with LED improves work performance. With the help of electricity savings, new lighting pays for itself in a short time.

When many employees are on the phone in the office, it likes to get a little noisy. Acoustic elements with pleasant colors improve two things at once: Employees feel comfortable in this ambience and it reduces stress. If the stress factors caused by noise are taken out by a conscious office design, productivity increases.


Cleaning out, renovating or modernizing the office? Do an office check in your office and compile in writing what needs to be changed. Because offices with ambience bring employees and bosses more quality of life.

Long hallways need more than a few pictures on the wall. A color concept with selected wall colors that match the CI brings a friendly ambience to long hallways.

Ambience in conference and meeting rooms shows that the company is healthy and vital. Conscious and humane office design makes workplaces fit so employees are more productive. Employers in Silicon Valley are showing us how.